Listing your restaurant

Well, the internet is here to stay, and to run a proper business you got to do your marketing. is here to help small business owners make their mark on the internet. We offer a free listing of your restaurant on our website. Just contact us to get on our website or update your listing. Email us all your restaurant info and menus to and we'll get you up in no time!

Why should I care?

Everyone and their mom is on the internet these days and a great way to reach these people is on the internet. Dineries is here to help hungry people find and discover new restaurants and to lookup old favorites. We also want to provide services to business owners to keep up on the technology side of things.

What can Dineries do for me?

Right now we will list your restaurant and update your listing as you please for free! We are in the works to build some quality services such as:

  1. Custom restaurant website creation, hosting, and maintainance. For example,
  2. Owner login and restaurant update page
  3. Advertising on our website
  4. Online ordering
  5. Run Promotions
Do you need or want any of these services? We are busy working on our side to create these vital restaurateur services all restaurant owners need in today's world. Stay tuned for great things! We're here for the long haul and we hope we can help each other.