Dineries.com hopes to be your one stop shop for helping you find new and known restaurants in your area. Our greatest asset is our restaurant database and menus to restaurants. We plan to bring many new and exciting (if you're a food nerd) features to dineries.com. Stay tuned and help out.

How it started

This all started by one guy's passion to eat at restaurants and his hate of cooking. Do you have a drawer full of menus at work or home? Replace it with this clean online version.


Email any comments or questions you may have to info@dineries.com. Your feedback makes me happy knowing my site actually had a visitor!

How to help

You like dineries.com? You want to help us? Is your menu collection incomplete because it's not on our site? You can submit menus to us! Visit our menu submission page to learn how and we'll give you the proper kudos on our website.